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Donate Books for the School Library

Our school library has been operational for two years now and we have witnessed its value to our students as well as the community around us. The library provides a serene, well-lit space which is conducive for studying and at times meditation for some of our students and teachers who seek a moment of Zen every so often.

The administration at M.E.C would like to ensure that our library has adequate resources for the intellectual nourishment and growth of our students and the community at large. Over the last two years we have stocked the library quite well but we can do much better.

We therefore need your support as partners and interested parties to ensure we have a comprehensive collection of materials in the library that will be of use to the students. The books can be of the following genres; General Curriculum Books, Autobiographies and History Books, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Encyclopedias, Fictional Novels, and any other books appropriate for the library.

At M.E.C we believe that as a society we should take up our role to steer and nature our young towards achieving all they set out to and by donating books to our library, we would be doing just so. We look forward to partnering with you all on this noble mission.

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