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The directors of Mackenzie Education Centre sponsor a select number of needy boys every year. These boys depend on the school for over 80% of their food, accommodation, health and educational needs. In addition, a few local companies sponsor students for the whole duration of the 4 year secondary school course.

Before a boy is sponsored , the school conducts a history of the boy to establish the level of need. This information is then provided to prospective sponsors to aid them choose which boy to support.

It costs almost Kshs. 100,000 to sponsor a boy per year. This includes school fees, accommodation and upkeep. This amount can be paid by an individual sponsor or several sponsors can partake to share it in what is known as partial sponsorship.

Since the establishment of this institution, the bulk of its financing has been through revenue mainly generated from tuition fees. Construction of the required school infrastructure such as classes, labs, dormitories and other required buildings have also been realized through this means. This has limited the number of bright, needy students the school can sponsor.

To sponsor a boy either fully or partially, please contact us.

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