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Student Objectives

At Mackenzie Education Centre, students will

  • acquire the ability to think clearly, creatively, logically, and critically.
  • engage in and appreciate various forms of creative expression.
  • engage in rigorous academic preparation for further education.
  • integrate skills and knowledge across grades and disciplines.
  • develop a lifelong passion for learning.
  • learn to communicate effectively in more than one language.
  • understand and appreciate complex global issues.
  • learn the value of positive community involvement by participation.
  • experience, appreciate and respect human differences.
  • develop positive self-esteem, self-respect, self-responsibility, and respect for others.
  • learn about and develop habits of ethical behavior.
  • learn from and contribute to Kenya through community service, field trips, local competitions, interscholastic and cultural activities.
  • engage in positive competition, productive cooperation, and a sense of community spirit within safe and healthful surroundings.
  • value healthful behavior and physical activity.
  • acquire the knowledge and skills to utilize advanced technology effectively.
  • develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.
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