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Mission Statement

Mackenzie Education Centre provides an exemplary education offering the Kenyan High School Diploma certificate. We prepare students within a culturally diverse community to become informed, independent thinkers and responsible world citizens.

Empowering students to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

School Values:
At Mackenzie Education Centre, we believe that M.E.C. is a community in which all of us, teachers, students, parents, and staff, are teachers and learners.

  • that the best education is achieved in a caring, student-centered environment in providing for the realization of each student’s potential for intellectual, personal and social development, and responsible contribution to our diverse global environment.
  • in nurturing student in critical inquiry, creative expression, ethical behavior, and cooperative social interaction
  • that the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, striving for excellence in all endeavors and maintaining a sense of respect for self and others are essential components of an our education.
  • in the development of a sense of responsibility and respect for our environment in the values of tolerance, appreciation, and respect for human differences among all of us.
  • a strong emphasis on academic excellence, discipline, hard work and moral uprightness.
  • to explore and expose the academic potential inherent in all young men.
  • to identify and nurture talents of our students.
  • to mould and encourage our students to be responsible citizens.
  • to make our students to be morally upright and of high integrity in character.
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